SQL Hosting

SQLHosting.net is a one-stop portal for your SQL web hosting needs. Behind almost any modern website, sits a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) or simply said SQL database. Database driven websites are easier to manage, as the data is structured and accessible effortlessly. Popular web content management systems, blog software and forum software like Wordpress, Drupal, and vBulletin are all database-driven and usually allow using different SQL servers for data storage.

Types of SQL Hosting

There are different types of SQL Hosting, depending on the database server provided by your hosting provider. For example Windows host frequently offer MS SQL Server hosting and MS Access hosting, as these two database solutions are native to Windows. Most Unix/Linux web hosts offer MySQL hosting to their customers, and some of them offer PostgreSQL hosting. Some database server can run in both Unix and Windows environments. For example MySQL hosting is offered on both Windows and Unix based systems. Another SQL hosting alternative is Oracle hosting, which is also platform independent, but is not as popular as other shared SQL hosting solutions due to its relatively high costs.

Shared SQL Hosting

Shared SQL Hosting is a web hosting that offers some kind of database software, which is shared between multiple users. For example a web hosting company hosts numerous clients on a single dedicated server, and all these clients have access to a single database server, where they can create and manage their own databases. In this scenario there are multiple SQL databases hosted on the same database server, hence the term shared SQL hosting.

Dedicated SQL Hosting

Dedicated SQL Hosting is a web hosting that offers access to particular database server software, and the access to it is not shared between multiple users. If you have a high-traffic, database-driven website, chances are that as your site grows you will need your own dedicated database server at some point. Websites with database backends are usually resource intensive (both CPU and memory wise), and having your own dedicated SQL hosting will ensure high availability for your website.

SQL Hosting Costs

There are 2 main factors that will affect your SQL hosting costs.

The first one is what database server you prefer for developing your sites. Arguably MySQL web hosting is the most frequently available database hosting, due to the popularity of MySQL and the fact that it runs on both Linux and Windows. The MySQL hosting costs are usually low, as the software is open source and is freely available for download. If you prefer SQL Server hosting, than prepare to pay more, as MS SQL Server is not free and web hosts have to pass their costs to the end user. Same goes for Oracle web hosting.

The second factor that will affect your database hosting costs is choosing between dedicated and shared SQL hosting. If you use shared db hosting you can significantly reduce your costs, however donít expect great performance and reliability in most cases. The dedicated SQL server hosting is more expensive because of possible licensing costs (MS SQL Server and Oracle for example), leasing buying hardware for the database server and the need to hire a database administrator to manage it for you.

Choosing SQL Hosting

When choosing SQL hosting you need to find balance between costs and performance. If you have a small site that doesnít have many visitors yet, itís safe to assume that shared SQL hosting will be more than you need. As your site grows you can move up and transfer your database to a dedicated SQL server.

SQL Hosting Providers

Almost every hosting company offers SQL hosting these days, and consumers looking for SQL hosting are faced with multitude of choices, which can be overwhelming at times. How do you decide which SQL hosting company to go with, when many of them offer very similar databases features at similar prices? Here is where our site becomes indispensible tool that can help you find the ideal SQL hosting. You can search our database of hosts offering SQL solutions, by price, database software type, database space, and many other features that will help you narrow down your choices and make a decision.